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BellCom offers wired and wireless calving camera systems including farm cctv cameras, wireless transmitters and receivers as part of a kit or as individual products for upgrades. Wireless systems are available with 200m and 1500 meter (1.5 Km/1 mile) ranges with optional microphone pickup if required.

How It Works

The calving camera is placed close to the ceiling facing down over the calving pen. The signal from the camera is sent via cable to a wireless transmitter (in a wireless transmission set up), which sends the signal to the receiver connected to a television, or via cable (in a non-wireless transmission set up), which sends the signal down the line also to a television. By selecting TV/AV on the television remote you get a picture of what the camera sees.

It is possible to setup more then one receiver in the house or to move it from room to room. Additional receivers can also be used in other locations. The only limit is the distance transmissible by the transmitter (in the case of a wireless transmitter). This allows multiple users to monitor the same calving pen. A cabled system normally runs along a Cat 5e cable network cable which allows running up to 4 cameras per cable. If the system is wired then a multiplexor is placed in the house. This can then split the screen in 2, 3 or 4 showing the 4 pictures on the one screen or you can have it scrolling through the different pictures. You can also adjust how long it spends on each picture, or bring each camera up to full screen at the touch of a button. The multiplexor has 2 outputs so can connect to 2 televisions e.g. one upstairs and one down stairs. If the system is wireless then the multiplexor is placed in the shed and sends a fixed split picture or scrolling picture.

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