Multiple Laptop Charging Stations

Laptop/Netbook Charging Station Eliminate flat batteries, tangled wires and dropped netbooks and laptops. A lockable netbook trolley from BellCom can re-charge and organise your netbooks and can be wheeled quickly and easily from class to class, all with the ChargeBox and ChargeBay range of laptop/netbook trolleys. These are designed to give a multiple laptop or netbook storage solution for every environment and budget, creating a truly mobile classroom. Each is manufactured from recycled steel, featuring a robust fully welded construction, twin wheeled castors with brakes for mobility, cable management system, secure locking doors, a durable powder coated finish and are Electrical Safety Certified.


Ideal For Education

Laptop/Netbook Charging Station for EducationTeaching with computers can be like holding two lessons in one in today's educational enviroments: a school can deliver valuable learning content and "computer skills for life" in one solution. The trouble is, there amay not be enough machines to go round and if there is, how do you manage them all in a short space of time from day to day?

That's why laptops have become so popular. A neat and practical mobile computer wherever and whenever you need it. But there is still the problem of how to keep them tidy and on standby for any class at any time, charged and ready at a moment's notice.

BellCom has the solution in the form of the Laptop Charging Station, a wheeled and lockable suite of anything from 10 to 30 laptops in a neat trolley gliding smoothly from class to class just when they're needed. With mobile laptop storage and charging solutions you can get the technology up and running in minutes with no wires, no mess and your IT investment is protected.


The Benefits

  • Laptop/Netbook Charging station openUse any combination of laptops: you are not limited by any one supplier/manufacturer.
  • Easy-glide wheels with brakes for safety.
  • Tough locking doors to provide peace of mind.
  • Security kit for wall or floor fixing.
  • Fold-flat doors kept safely out of the way on magnetic catches while the trolley is open.
  • All the power you need for wireless points, printers and projectors comes from the easy access power points built-in.
  • Full wireless and data transfer solutions are available.
  • Takes any size laptop or tablet PC.
  • Can be delivered fully assembled ready for immediate use in a range of bright durable colours.


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